Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key

– Lao Tzu

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

A martial art and more…

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Unity, harmony and stillness

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Harmonise internal and external

Master Ding Academy Cork

A branch of the international Master Ding Academy founded by Master John Ding, 6th Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage.

Aims of the Academy 

To further the development and transmission of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, while preserving the complete ancient Chinese art

To inspire and empower everyone who wants to experience the extraordinary benefits to health and wellbeing through our classes and courses

What we offer

Traditional Yang Style

We offer a full syllabus under certified instructors personally trained by our Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage holders, Master John Ding and Master Alan Ding

Tai Chi Principles

Our emphasis is on demonstrating the concepts and principles at the core of the internal art. Training regularly harmonises mind, body and spirit – whether you practise for health, meditation, self-healing, fitness, self-defence or all of these

Direct Lineage Holders

As a member, you will have access to two Yang Style lineage masters and join an international network of people who enjoy Tai Chi with our academy

Since 1995

Master Ding Academy has a long tradition in Cork and recently celebrated 21st Anniversary.  

Learn Tai Chi

The best way to know what Tai Chi is about is to experience it for yourself. Below are Cork based instructors who will be able to guide you on your journey.

John Buckley

Tuesday classes in Turner’s Cross 

Maria Exposito

Thursday classes in Turner’s Cross

Maurice Shanahan

Thursday classes in Blackrock.  Adult Ed classes in Douglas.

Mary Niles

Thursday classes in Bandon

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Strengthen Mind, Body and Spirit

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

requires partner practice to develop your Tai Chi skills 

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